3 Digital Marketing Startegies For Ecommerce Businesses

Digital marketing strategies aids eCommerce businesses to drive traffic to their website, thereby, improving sales and acquire customers.

The eCommerce space is a very competitive one. This is why eCommerce businesses utilize digital marketing strategies to stay in business.

Want to stay in business and keep making sales?

These eCommerce digital marketing strategies are just what you need!

Let’s discuss them.


For eCommerce businesses, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. This is because 7% of mobile users make online purchases using their phones. So offer your users a good user experience. Your eCommerce website should be able to display your product pictures on any electronic device. The purchase process from viewing the product to making

payment should be a simple one.

How can you ensure your website is mobile-friendly?

1.Make sure you have a responsive design.
2.Use dynamic serving.
3.And own mobile sub-domains.

If your website is exhausting, individuals will not waste their time on your website.


Have you ever visited a popular eCommerce platform like Jumia, searched for a product, read through the reviews, and left the app. Only to observe an advert on any of your social media platforms, advertising that same product to you?

That is retargeting!

Re-marketing is important to eCommerce businesses. It allows you to target customers using adverts. With retargeting, eCommerce businesses can target individuals that have already interacted with their brand.

Retargeting allows you to target:

1.Individuals that visited your website.
2.Old customers.
3.And even individuals who Subscribed to your emails.

Retargeting can help you show your target audience what they are missing out, and direct them towards purchase.


Social media is a good platform for e-commerce businesses to make sales on. As an e-commerce business, you should have an account on major social media platforms, especially Instagram. Making posts daily isn’t good enough, you need to do more than that to grow your e-commerce business via social media. You can make more sales on social media by running advertisements. Using advertisements, you can target specific audiences using their interests, demography, keywords, and the likes. This way, you can make more sales and even generate website traffic.


E-commerce marketing strategies are vital in generating website traffic and increasing sales. There are numerous e-commerce strategies out there, but these e-commerce strategies have proven to be effective and will help you remain at the top. The implementation of these strategies is one of the problems most businesses have. To get help with implementing these helpful strategies, Categories: Digital Marketing,